Steam Deck Shipping Time: How Long Does It Take For Steam Deck To Ship?

Would you like to know the shipping and delivery time for your new Steam Deck? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Would you like to know how long it will take for your Steam Deck to arrive? Keep reading to find out more!

Your Steam Deck has been ordered and paid for, and you are eagerly anticipating the day when you can get your hands on it. How long does it take for your order to be shipped out? As a matter of fact, this is a question that comes up fairly frequently with many of our customers.

In order to help you with this question, we have put together this quick article for you to read. It’s time to find out! Let’s take a look!

What Is a Steam Deck?

The Valve Steam Deck runs on SteamOS, which is Valve’s Linux-based operating system. There is no denying the fact that this device looks like a Nintendo Switch with the option, like the Nintendo Switch, for players to connect it to a monitor or TV, as well as pair controllers, mice, or keyboards to enable them to play games via Steam.

Aside from being able to play games that are designed for Windows, the device also has the option of suspending and resuming games much like other portable gaming devices.

At the time of this writing, the Steam Deck is only available on a reservation basis with a long waiting list. On February 25, 2022, Steam Deck handheld devices were released for the first time. It has been a couple of years since more units have become available for customers who have reserved one for $5, but the waiting list has remained many months long since then.

As of right now, it is only available to reserve in the US, UK, Canada, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. There will be more countries that will be able to order it soon, according to Valve.

How Long Does It Take For Steam Deck To Ship After Confirmation?

In the event that Valve receives your payment, it will process your order and arrange for the logistics behind getting you your new Deck as soon as possible. It is during this time that you will see a status of “processing” in the order estimation.

Valve usually takes three days to ship the Steam Deck after confirmation of your order, however it is possible that it can take longer if there are some difficulties with organising your order or assigning you a courier. It is important to note that once the courier has received your Steam Deck, the status of the order will be changed to “shipping soon”.

As soon as your deck has been shipped, you will be notified by email with a tracking number so you can keep track of it. The Steam Deck shipping timeline can be found in this Reddit thread if you would like to get an idea of when it will be available.

How Long Does It Take For Steam Deck To Deliver?

Delivery times vary depending on where you live and a number of other factors as well. Some people received their Steam Deck within 3 working days after payment was made, while others had to wait for a much longer period of time.

In addition, the steam deck is delivered five days a week, and the average delivery time for the steam deck is seven days.It is possible that your order will arrive faster than this, or it may take longer than this. It is possible that you will have to wait up to 2 – 3 weeks for your order to arrive if you live in a low-density area away from popular delivery routes.

Depending on the model of the Steam Deck, the shipping and delivery time may also vary. If you choose a more high-end model, it is highly likely that your order will be placed later in the process.

While you wait for your Steam Deck to arrive, you might want to check to see if your new gaming device is compatible with 4K resolution.

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