How many leagues are there in Duolingo?

Keeping learners motivated is easy with Duolingo’s league system. Do you want to know how many leagues there are in Duolingo? Here’s what we can tell you!

With its gamified approach to language learning, Duolingo has made learning a new language fun for millions of people around the world. An important feature of the app is its league system, which adds an element of competition and motivation to learning.

The purpose of this article is to answer the question, “How many leagues are there in Duolingo?” and provide you with more information about them. Let’s get started!

How many leagues are there in Duolingo?

Language learners will feel motivated and accomplished by Duolingo’s leagues.

Users can be motivated to continue learning by the leaderboard, which ranks them based on the amount of XP they earn.

There are ten leagues in Duolingo, and here are their names in ascending order:

  • A bronze medal
  • The silver lining
  • The gold standard
  • Ivory
  • Ivory
  • Embroidered
  • The amethyst
  • The pearl
  • The obsidian
  • The diamond

As soon as you sign up for Duolingo, you will be placed in the Bronze League. Your league will progress as you earn points and complete lessons.

After one week, you will either remain in the same league, be promoted to a higher tier, or be demoted to the previous tier based on your performance.

What will happen after the Diamond league in Duolingo?

There is no higher league than Diamond. You will be promoted into the Diamond tournament if you reach the top 10 of the Diamond league.

The diamond tournament consists of three segments: Tournament 1, Tournament 2, and Finals. In each round, the top 10 players advance to the next round, while the bottom 5 are relegated to the Diamond league.

You can confidently tell someone, “How many leagues are there in Duolingo?” that there are ten and they are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian, and Diamond.


FAQ 1: How many leagues are there in Duolingo?

Answer: Duolingo offers a total of 10 leagues for users to participate in. The leagues are structured in a competitive format where users are grouped with others based on their weekly XP (experience points) earned.

FAQ 2: How do the leagues in Duolingo work?

Answer: Duolingo leagues are weekly competitions where users compete against others to earn the most XP. Users are placed in a league with participants who have a similar weekly XP count. By earning XP through lessons and practicing, users can progress and move up to higher leagues or maintain their position in their current league.

FAQ 3: Can I see my position in the Duolingo leagues?

Answer: Yes, Duolingo allows you to view your position in the leagues. On the Duolingo mobile app, you can tap on the “Leagues” tab at the bottom and see your rank within your league, as well as the number of XP you have earned compared to others.

FAQ 4: Are there any rewards for performing well in Duolingo leagues?

Answer: Yes, Duolingo provides rewards for performing well in the leagues. Users who rank highly in their leagues may receive lingots, which are the in-app currency used to unlock additional features, such as bonus skills or cosmetic items for your avatar.

FAQ 5: Is it possible to opt out of Duolingo leagues?

Answer: Yes, Duolingo allows users to opt out of the leagues if they prefer not to participate in the competitive aspect. On the mobile app, you can go to your profile settings, navigate to the “Leagues” section, and disable the leagues feature.

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